Bulk bin Bulk bin Bulk bin Bulk bin

Bulk bin

Bulk bin for collection, transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables. The bin is made of food grade polypropylene, environmentally friendly, stabilized to ultraviolet rays with a load capacity of up to 4500 kg. It allows stacking them in storage up to 12 levels. Our plastic containers comply with international standards (ISO 8682:1987, 1212: 1995) and Russian standards (GOST R 50419-92, GOST R 50421-92).

    • Article: F1001
    • Dimensions: 1120x1120x770 mm
    • Capacity in the truck: 92 m3: 72 pcs.
    • Weight: 29.200 29.200 kg
    • Volume: 350 kg
    • Color: green

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