Mulcher BERTI Mulcher BERTI Mulcher BERTI Mulcher BERTI

Mulcher BERTI

TFB/Y mulcher belongs to class “A”. The roller is located distantly from the rotor with hammers: this structure of the mulcher is better for grinding solid materials such as wood, because the crushed material remains longer inside the mulcher body before it is thrown out from under it. This mulcher is also suitable for mowing lawns and mulching any green vegetation. If you are a true connoisseur of perfectly flat lawns, the class “A” series, are ideal for these purposes.

    • Hardened hammers, able to pulverize grass and shrub with a trunk up to 8 cm. 3-point coupling of 1st or 2nd category with mechanical displacement to the side.
    • Tractor PTO drive 540 rpm (1000 rpm upon request).
    • Rear adjustable roller with scraper, diameter 159.
    • Reinforced rotor Serie 2008.
    • Automatic band adjustment.
    • Double body of the mower.
    • Free lift in gearbox.
    • Counter-blades.
    • Slides.
    • Cardan shaft

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