Garden trailer sprayer Garden trailer sprayer

Garden trailer sprayer

Since 1946, SAE has successfully tackled every spray problem by adapting its original air moving units to the machine geometry, depending on the tractor power: 38 spiral centrifugal air moving units designed by SAE are proof of this. For tropical plants, nurseries, greenhouses and classic orchards and vineyards, SAE will always provide the right sprayer.

  • The recognized versatility of the series makes it always be in demand in the ever-changing market. The tank is made of reinforced fiberglass with a capacity of 600 to 3000 liters.

    With rounded lines, no sharp edges and no flat surfaces, each tank provides maximum mixing efficiency and full draining, even with slopes up to 25%, in accordance with the current regulations.

    • Frames: stamped galvanized steel.
    • Control unit: manual pressure regulator, which is installed in the tractor next to the driver, pressure gauge SAE-TURMATIC, class 1.6.
    • High pressure rubber tubing and brass fittings: safety and quality, time-tested.
    • Chargehole lid: non-removable, 180 degree opening. Tank for washing hands: completely isolated from the rest of the tanks.
    • Tank drain valve: the operator is always protected from an accidental contact with the mixture.
    • Rods: adjustable width and height to adapt to the garden road.
    • Trailer: adjustable in length and height.
    • Mud scrapers: for continuous cleaning of the wheels even in case of viscous soil.

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