Planting of nursery plants and agronomical support Planting of nursery plants and agronomical support Planting of nursery plants and agronomical support Planting of nursery plants and agronomical support

Planting of nursery plants and agronomical support

High-quality planting material is the basis of a successful gardener

Since 2013, Basis LLC has been engaged in the cultivation of crowned apple seedlings in a nursery occupying 30 hectares. The work is carried out under the supervision of an Italian expert and in collaboration with the largest nurseries in Europe, such as FENO srl, Vivai Zanzi sa, Vivai Nischler srl, and Fairplant bv. Most of the seedlings are grown on M9, T337 rootstock; works with the other rootstocks are also pending.
The nursery capacity is about 500,000 seedlings per year. In our nursery, we produce seedlings of such varieties as Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Gala, Jonah Gold de Costa, Fuji, and El Star. Experience accumulated and advanced technology are the secret of our success. In addition to the seedling appearance, we guarantee the use of high-quality genetic material and the latest breeding achievements.
As a part of the fruit farm agronomic support program, which implies the transfer of intensive technologies of full-cycle apple growing from seedling plantation to the development of orchard fertilization and protection, TD Basis experts monitor their partner orchards to assess the establishment of harvest and nurseries and provide their recommendations on the protection and nutrition of orchards.
In all farms under supervision, more attention has begun to be paid to the issues of tree crown formation. This is the result of workshops on the formation of fruit trees on different rootstocks using different types of pruning. Agronomists are taking a practical course on their own farms.
Thanks to the use of a wide range of preparations, farms manage to obtain seedlings of high quality, which will subsequently deliver good harvests, because the orchard yield is laid down yet in the nursery. Orchard squares in which experiments with a comprehensive program of foliar application show consistently positive yield growth and good fruit bud establishment, despite repeated spring frosts; the trees have a healthy appearance, are not overly stressed by pests, and the leaves show noticeable qualitative differences versus the control plots. Effective orchard protection is carried out for preventive purposes.


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