Trailer platforms PSN-260/1, PSN-260/2, PSN-260/4 Trailer platforms PSN-260/1, PSN-260/2, PSN-260/4 Trailer platforms PSN-260/1, PSN-260/2, PSN-260/4

Trailer platforms PSN-260/1, PSN-260/2, PSN-260/4

Trailer platforms PSN-260/1, PSN-260/2, PSN-260/4 are designed for fruit picking and garden maintenance works. The platforms are aggregated onto the rear hitch of a tractor. The class of a tractor could now be lower than 0.6. The adjustable design allows lifting up the platform, loaded with containers, equipment or workforce to a height up to 2.6 m. The machines quickly and easily load and unload up to three bulk bins. Maximum lifting height is up to 2,6 m, Maximum lifting capacity of the platform is 2000 kg The maximum number of workers on the platform should not exceed 6 people. Their position should be proportional on both sides of the platform.

  • The platform consists of a main frame (which supports the rest of the structure), a lifting system, and a field with retractable side ramps. Platforms hydraulic system is powered by a tractor hydraulic system. Steering is carried out directly by the platform drawbar located in the tractor cab or, if necessary, on the platform itself. By clients request we can install roller racks on the platform. Roller racks allow containers to be easily moved along the platform. We can also install hydraulic drive of the side ladders, which allows you to adjust the position of the ladders without any physical effort.


    • lifting capacity 2,000 kg;
    • lifting height up to 2.6 m;
    • hydraulic system located on the platform
    • manually driven side ladders
    • connection to a tractors hydraulic system.



    • elevator with rollers;
    • rollers for box moving along the platform;
    • hydraulic drive of side ladders.
    • pneumatic equipment located on the platform
    • pneumatic tool gardening


    Technical characteristics:

    Model Measure PSN-260/1 PSN-260/2 PSN-260/4
    Model type coupling
    Platform lifting type hydraulic
    Coupling Type duplicating
    Carrying capacity kg 2000
    Maximum number of people on the platform people 6
    Number of axles units 1 2 4 swiveling axis
    Weight (standard virsion) kg 1550 1750 1900
    length cm 400
    breadth cm 130 — 260 ( adjustable)
    height cm 80 — 260 ( adjustable)

    Characteristics of platform-mounted compressors:

    Model Compressor discharge, l/min Tank volume, l Pressure, bar Weight, kg Dimensions, mm Simultaneously working pruners (fruit trees) Simultaneously working pruners (olive trees) Simultaneously working saw groups
    ECOLINE 510 510 20 9-11 94 780х580х830 4 2
    ECOLINE 600 600 20 9-11 99 780х580х830 5 3 1
    ECOLINE 998 998 20 9-11 116 780х580х830 9 5-6 1-2
    ECOLINE 1500 1500 20 9-11 150 850х700х900 14 7 2

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