Fertilization system that increases the productivity of apple trees

Apple trees have been growing on the same plot for decades, so the soil under/beneath them is gradually depleted. The lack of required amount of nutrient elements is certainly harm for trees, and also affects their yields. So feeding apple trees is important not only in spring, but also in summer and autumn.

Apple, the characteristic of the rootstock.

Apple tree is the most important fruit crop in Italy in production volumes. Collecting harvest of 22-23 million centners per year, Italy, on a par with Poland aspires to the top position in Europe. In addition the fruitage in Italy is constant, with a little tendency to increase, that sets Italy apart from Poland, where […]

Crown shapes when pruning and density of planting

crown shape when pruning planting scheme (m) plants/ha shapely spindle on a hill 3-3,2 * 0.8-1.2 2600-4160 shapely spindle on a plain/ lowland 3,5-3,7 * 0,9-1,3 2080-3180 solacs/solaks 4-4,5*1,2-1,5 1480-2080 V-shaped 3,5*0,7-0,8 3500-4000 Supershpindel 3-3,2*0,5 5700 Bibaum 3,5*1 2860 Candelabrum 3,5*1,5-2 1400-1900 SPINDLE-SHAPED, SHAPELY SPINDLE This is the most commonly used form of crown, when […]

Necessary conditions for establishing an intensive garden

Plant pollination It is essential is a need to look ahead of adequate cross-pollination at the location of the orchard start. Provide at least 10-15% pollinator plants situated along trellises (also “outside the arch/order”); in such cases, the Granny Smith variety is the most suitable because of early flowering, drug-responsiveness for chopping, and guarantee of […]


Determining the correct time when the harvest begins is a fundamental point in relation to a product that should have the necessary indicators of organoleptic and commercial properties. During the ripening of the fruit, changes and physical and chemical indicators which are expressed in the increase in the size of the fruit, reducing the density […]

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