Usage: For the treatment of tree trunks around trees, as well as for the treatment of intensive gardens. Possibilities: A large range of movement at the rear of the tractor: high working speed: very sensitive device, the touch probe. Standard equipment: Hydraulic movement in two directions, hydraulic height adjustment of the cutter head processing, cardan […]

Since 1946, SAE has successfully tackled every spray problem by adapting its original air moving units to the machine geometry, depending on the tractor power: 38 spiral centrifugal air moving units designed by SAE are proof of this. For tropical plants, nurseries, greenhouses and classic orchards and vineyards, SAE will always provide the right sprayer.

SAE Turbmatic SF 600 L – Herbicide mounted sprayer

Used after pruning for cleaning. The brush with manually adjustable length and tilt makes this equipment sufficient and adaptable to any tractor.

PORTER model range includes modifications with lifting ability of the weights from 1000 to 2500kg to the height from 1800 to 4000 mm

TFB/Y mulcher belongs to class “A”. The roller is located distantly from the rotor with hammers: this structure of the mulcher is better for grinding solid materials such as wood, because the crushed material remains longer inside the mulcher body before it is thrown out from under it. This mulcher is also suitable for mowing […]

Mounted spreader, model L-1 is designed for accurate spreading of mineral fertilizers in small areas, and has additional options for fertilization in rows, which in combination with small dimensions allows effectively using the spreader in gardens and vineyards. Special adaptations of the model L1 allow making fertilizers in two rows, with a strip width distribution […]

Cushioned suspension of the bin allows careful transportation vegetables, berries and fruits.

Designed for transportation of three bins, with the bin dimensions – 1120x1120x770 mm. The load capacity of this “Plodovozka” is equal to 1000 kg

The machine for contour pruning of trees crown CMA 300 FAMA is intended for pruning of fruit trees in the winter and summer periods.

Trailer platform for gardening designed for fruit picking, pruning, tying, as well as for the installation of hail nets and bamboo poles. The adjustable design allows lifting up the platform, containers, and equipment to a height up to 2.6 m. The platform is powered by a tractor hydraulic system. Steering is carried out directly by […]

Garden trailer sprayer assembled with European components Cama (Spain)

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