The intensive garden establishment project addresses the main organizational and agro-technical issues, taking into account the agroclimatic conditions: array characteristic; total area allocated to the plantation; garden location (plain, slope, exposure, steepness, etc.); soil type, subsoil, level of subsurface water; territory organization; general layout (the plan of breakdown into strips, sections and allocation of public […]

Trellis system installation is a base of intensive garden LLC “Basis” is fully equiped for the production of high-quality trellis poles from Pretensioned concrete using Italian technology. Experience and proven technology make it possible to produce up to 1,100,000 trellis poles (of 4.50 m length) per year. It is about 1000 hectares of intensive garden […]

Hail netting is reliable protection for your intensive garden! Hail netting protects your garden from the strongest hail and squall winds, prevents sunburn of fruits and leaves, protects from birds and insects, and saves from late frosts and fogs during the flowering period. The lifespan of this net from 18 to 25 years. The net […]

An intensive garden requires drip irrigation and fertigation. As a rule, trees on dwarf rootstock and trellis are used in intensive orchards. When drip irrigation is used, trees do not form a deep and developed root system, because the plant does not need to seek water at great depth and vast area. Consequently, the plant […]

High-quality planting material is the basis of a successful gardener Since 2013, Basis LLC has been engaged in the cultivation of crowned apple seedlings in a nursery occupying 30 hectares. The work is carried out under the supervision of an Italian expert and in collaboration with the largest nurseries in Europe, such as FENO srl, […]

We provide the following services:    Development of a complete set of project and working documentation..   Full range of general contracting works:      building construction and installation work,       complete building support,       the design of internal engineering communications,   Supply of refrigeration equipment.  Development of storage technologies. Equipment: Bitzer CSH refrigeration systems (Germany), Guntner air condensers (Germany), Alfa […]

Service was arranged to extend the life of your equipment and reduce downtime to a minimum. Fast and high-quality maintenance can prevent malfunctions and costly downtime at the worst possible times. The best idea is to entrust the repair of expensive equipment and units to experts. Our company offers repair and maintenance services at affordable […]

[English] Широкий ассортимент рукавов (шлангов) высокого давления для строительной, сельскохозяйственной, железнодорожной, автотракторной и грузоподъемной техники отечественного и импортного производства.

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