For your intensive garden, we are offering trellis poles made of pretension concrete

Gripple medium lock (Gripple Medium) is used to connect and stretch a wire or cable, to the desired extent, with a diameter of 2.0-3.25 mm.

Elastic for garters of seedlings

Made of galvanized steel. Designed for cable tension.

Bracket for cable on pole 9×9.5 cm.

It is used for tension of cables installed on anchor poles.

Galvanized steel wire, diameter – 2.6 mm has sufficient flexibility and strength

Galvanized steel rope, diameter – 5.6 mm and 8.2 mm. It is used to stretch the trellis system and give it sufficient rigidity.

Garden shears Falket various types

[English] Tie for branches: garterband.

Hook for drip tape, diameter – 16 mm.

Bracket for attaching plants to the wire, diameter 2.6 mm.

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